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About Our Brand

RegenBeauty is a personal cosmetics brand using only the best and sustainably sourced natural and organic ingredients. Founded in Singapore and manufactured in Vietnam, RegenBeauty is a humble Vietnamese cosmetics line compiled to all international standards.  

At RegenBeauty, our mission is to maximize the usage of organic ingredients from trusted suppliers. Our products are free of industrial preservatives, artificial fragances, and mineral oils. Keeping up with the spirit of a made-in-Vietnam cosmetics brand, we always strike to use the common ingredients that are abundantly available in very Vietnamese’s lives such as tamanu oil, coconut oil, thorny locust extract, etc..  

At RegenBeauty, our mission is not to maximize sale, but to educate our customers with the information to keep their skin cleaned, a healthy lifestyle, a balance diet, and the use of organic ingredients available right in your backyard, and minimize the use of chemicals as much as possible.  

“RegenBeauty – smart skincare, smart beauty beyond looks.”


Our Strategic Partner

Director of the Hoang Kim Gia Pte. Ltd. in Vietnam

Ms. Angelic Luong has an extensive expertise in finance, investment, sales, and marketing, and brand developments in cosmetics industry in Vietnam. With her experience working for World Bank in Asia and success in bringing the Swedish cosmetics brand Oriflame to Vietnam, she is not only our trusted partner but an advisor guiding the young RegenBeauty brand in brand development and approach the Vietnamese customers and culture. Currently, all of RegenBeauty products are manufactured and exclusively distributted in Vietnam by Hoang Kim Gia by Singaporian standards.