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Payment Instructions

1. Payment methods 

  • Bank transfer: Total product and shipping costs payable to “Công ty TNHH Hoang Kim Gia” account no. 124755819, ACB bank, Phan Dinh Phung branch, Ho Chi Minh city. Please note the order number + phone number + shipping adds in your transfer. Payments lacking the above information would be refunded in the next billing cycle. Red invoices could be issued upon requests.  
  • Cash on delivery 
  • Online payment via or with international/domestic credit/debit cards.  

2. Shipping costs  

  • Ho Chi Minh city: 50,000 VND per order and other cities: 70,000 VND per order
  • RegenBeauty does not offer international shipping at the moment, we are looking for a partner.  

3. Shipping address 

  • If your shipping address is a company/organization, please note the available shipping time frame.
  • If your shipping address is in a apartment building complex, please note the apartment name & number, and building number.  
  • If your orders could not be delivered after multiple failed attempts to contact the recipients, we are reserved the rights to cancel and refund your order. If the same situation repeats itself multiple times, we are reserved the rights to refuse our services to those customers.